JetSleeve®2.0 for optimal cooling of the milling tool through negative pressure between milling cutter and medium up to 300% increase in service life possible

The JetSleeve®2.0 is the consistent further development of the previous JetSleeve shrink fit chucks with a revised design and innovative technical features for even more processing advantages. The aluminum sleeve has been replaced by a coated steel ring that no longer needs to be removed to shrink the tool. By replacing the aluminum sleeve, the wall thickness of the shrink fit chuck could be increased and the clamping force increased enormously. The stroke of genius with the JetSleeve®2.0 is still the tiny nozzles on the front of the ring, through which a cooling medium or air is sprayed at high pressure to the tip of the milling cutter. Chips that arise are blown away immediately, even in holes and cavities that are difficult to access. This increases your cutter life by up to 300%. The resulting Venturi effect means that the cooling medium always remains directly on the cutter, even at higher speeds. Exactly where you need it!